353 Media Group is a minority owned and operated, award-winning digital media production company committed to achieving a high standard of excellence. We build dreams, conceptualize and put to screen those visions you've always had for your project.
We are a fast growing company based in the Nashville, Tennessee area. Our growth is fueled by the value we bring to our clients through the products and services we deliver. At 353, we pride ourselves on being the right partner - someone who cares about what matters most, asks the right questions and listens to what clients have to say. We are strategic business thinkers who know how to leverage technology. If you can dream it, we can deliver it.
Whether you want photography coverage for your event, a training video for internal distribution, a TV commercial shot in stunning 4K resolution, or live stream an event with multiple cinema grade cameras and professional quality sound, we have the equipment, talent and expertise to meet your every need.

Your investment is dependent upon the tools, time and man power that go into creating your project and the cost of production is directly correlated to the finished product and deliverables. There are a thousand different scenarios that can play out for a production that can affect the bottom line. All of our options include hands-on client support and project management, but the only way to truly know what your vision and production will cost is to have a conversation with us, and that doesn't cost a thing! Contact us below and one of our producers will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
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Ese Headshot.jpg

Esé Morrison

President + Executive Producer

Mel Headshot.jpg

Meleisha J. Edwards

Vice President of Production

Strategic Partner

Nadira Headshot.jpg

Nadira Freeman

Vice President of Brand Partnerships

Strategic Partner

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Beonca James

Production Manager


Tamiko Robinson Steele

Production Manager


Aleta Myles


Social Media Manager